Net Neutrality

The Net Neutrality, Senate Bill 74, has a hidden agenda.  It places ISPs into the Universal Service Fund meaning that those of us who pay for service will get a nice USF or Universal Access fee so that welfare recipients can be given free broadband internet service.  Oh, it’s not a tax, the libs are good at raising taxes without having to say they did.  The USF fees for internet service are charged by the companies and paid into the fund which is managed, not by an agency, but by the Universal Service Administrative Company.  This is the same ploy that is used to provide free cell  phone service to welfarians.  So, look forward to your ISP bill going-up, but take heart in knowing that those poor welfare recipients will be able to surf the web (probably at speeds faster than you) when they can’t go clubbing because they spent all the cash they got from selling their food stamps!