>Idle Hands Do the Devil’s Work


Generally speaking, aside from their ethical values, hard-working people are too tired at the end of the work day to commit robberies, muggings, or many other crimes; it is the idle population that is responsible for most property crimes.  By continuing to pay handouts to people who do not work, we are setting-up society for continued rises in crime.  Studies conducted on crime rates correlation to unemployment show that as fewer people have jobs, more people become the victims of theft. 
The feeling of entitlement that is being fostered amongst the welfare segment of the American citizenry is certainly not helping matters.  We pay to house them, feed them, educate them, send their kids to summer camp, we buy them cars and cell phones, and much more.  I think that because they are given more than the basic necessities, they develop a warped sense that they are entitled to have what others work to obtain.  Look at the rash of mob robberies occurring in Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago.  Go check-out the videos and you will see for yourself a few simple facts; no one committing the crimes appears to be starving or even underfed, the items being stolen are not basic necessities, and they are generally well dressed.  The lists of mob-robbery stolen items that I have read to date include designer denim clothing, cell phones, touch pad computers, beer, beef jerky, potato chips, ice cream, candy, and jewelery; desperately hungry people would have taken more basic foods, this is clearly people taking things that they feel they should have but aren’t willing to work toward affording.  And, truthfully, most of the time it seems that “munchies” are the main targets; leading me to believe that these are often people supplying themselves for a night of partying.
I used to have to drive past a section 8 housing development (the projects) to get to work.  At 07:30 the parking lots were full and there was not a person to be seen.  Whenever I had need to go home for lunch for lunch there’d be a couple of people seen, checking mail, and stuff like that.  When I passed by at 16:45 the place would be hopping; literally hundreds of people sitting on their park benches in the shade, drinking beer, and smoking (mostly cigarettes, but it was easy to see many people passing marijuana).  On the occaisions that I had to work late and didn’t pass by until after 18:00 the party would always be in full swing; loud music, dancing, people wrestling and chasing each other, cars choking the roadway while they stopped (to converse or often trade money for little packets and baggies).  I can only imagine what happened as the evening grew later and the beer or munchies ran out.  So, here was a whole development of people who slept past noon daily which makes me think they did not work, but they always had beer cigarettes, pot, and nice audio equipment.  Furthermore, at least half of the cars in the parking lots were newer and in much better shape than the old pick-up I was driving.  When the curtains or doors were open I often spotted bigscreen TVs (can’t miss a 60″ flat panel when you are waiting for the  drug transaction in front of you to finish so you can get home).  So, the question is, how do people in government subsidized housing afford beer, cigarettes, bigscreen TVs, $1400 wheels and obviously expensive sound systems for their cars, and drugs?  It had to be criminal activity; they were either selling food stamps or drugs or committing theft to get these luxury items.
A person working two minimum wage jobs to support their family is generally not partying and committing crime when not at work.  Probably they are trying to get some needed sleep after a quick meal and mowing the lawn.  This is why I have always felt that welfare benefits should only be provided to the working poor.  Give that Mom and Dad each working two or more jobs food stamps, housing assistance, and educational grants.  Those people would then be able to maybe just work one job each and spend some time with thier families or go to school to learn new skills.  The jobs they vacated would be perfect for all the formerly non-working welfare recipients to move into to qualify to continue receiving benefits.  I would rather pay for day care for their children while they worked, than give them the free handouts they get now.  If my gut feeling that these are the people committing a majority of the crimes is right, we should also see a nice drop in crime rates because they’ll all be too tired to spend the energy to form-up the posse to go mugging people or breaking into cars and homes.