China Mocks US Political Model

This is my response to an article that I read in which Chinese officials were mocking the West and US because they “claim” to be nearly unaffected by the global financial crisis. They are claiming that this proves that their model, totalitarin communism, is superior.

What a joke, the only reason that China “appears” to be weathering the financial storm is because they still have 800 million slaves to force to provide a workforce at practically no cost. It’s a problem in the US and Europe now because the people not on welfare, meaning those of us who actually work, expect a payback based on the amount and complexity of the work we do. Quite simply, we have reached the point where the welfare benefits enable a life that is too close to the average worker’s lifestyle and we are not willing to give more so that nonworkers can live even better AND we have reached the critical point where what is produced by the ever decreasing numbers of workers is getting close to not being enough to support the ever growing numbers living for free. This is and always will be the achilles heal of socialism. China survives because they can literally starve or work 800 million people to death. I saw not long ago your typical Chinese peasant thrilling over the new technology in his home; he has a pit under his house that he shovels the pig and chicken manure into, it composts into methane gas which he could use by opening a valve to start a cooking fire. So, the choice is simple: we can all either live over our dung pits and be poor serfs toiling for the chosen few who get to live rich; or, we can go back to expecting people to actually contribute to society by working and producing a service or product to earn the credit on which they live.

The crux of socialism is the welfare creep; there will always be workers who are living just enough above the standard of living offered to those not working, that they see no point in working harder or at all. The system is continuously stressed by this tipping-point, and the point creeps upward until it is unsustainable. Ever growing numbers of nonworking voters are increasingly able to put more and more representatives in place who maintain their own elite status and power by providing better handouts. And, as the handouts get better more workers drop-out for the easy life. Add to the mix politcal systems that allow nontaxpayers to vote on new taxes and you are doomed. What person would not vote for a new park, better public services, etc when they will not have to personally pay for it? And so the burden on the dwindling working class grows ever more until the government can only sustain the system through either progressively exerting more authority over the workers to force them to produce more for less payback and/or debt-spending to pay for increasing benefits to non-workers. The spiral continues until the government has totalitarian authority and the produced resources can no longer sustain the debt, and in the end there is no freedom and the authorities can reduce the handouts for everyone else to maintain their own rich lifestyles with the meager resources still being produced.

Back to China, they seem to be weathering this financial crisis because they have already stripped their workers of all rights and can work them harder, they can pollute the workers’ communities with toxic waste with no repercussions, and they can force them to live a more austere and less resource-consuming lifestyle to maintain the elite’s lavish lives. BUT, inevitably they will poison their lands enough and kill enough of their workers that their system will collapse either because there are no longer enough resources for any of them to survive or because the remaining workers will finally throw out the elite. In either case the remaining resources capable of being produced in a toxic countryside will be so little that any survivors will be living very meagerly as the system reboots into everyone again being measured by their direct work and contribution.

We on the otherhand have a chance to avoid our progression toward complete collapse; we can stop the cycle of a more authoritarian government and its increasing deficit spending to provide ever-better handouts to noncontributing members of society in exchange for their votes. We can start moving back to where your means of living are based on the amount and complexity of the work that you do, and ONLY communally support those who are truly incapable of self-support due to disability or disaster and those who have retired from a life of work but need a little help. That will, of course, mean that those who choose to work little, not learn a needed skill, or have more kids than they can afford WILL have to give up their flat screen TVs, free cell phones, and the other “benefits” that are beyond the basic necessities that the rest of us are currently working to provide for them

Good Christian charity

I often see Christians hassled over comments about not supporting increased “charity” to welfare recipients. They are told that they are bad Christians and that “Jesus would be ashamed.” Well, let us not forget:

1 Timothy 5:8: “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

2 Thessalonians 3:11-12: We hear that some among you are idle. They are not busy; they are busybodies. Such people we command and urge in the Lord Jesus Christ to settle down and earn the bread they eat.

Net Neutrality

The Net Neutrality, Senate Bill 74, has a hidden agenda.  It places ISPs into the Universal Service Fund meaning that those of us who pay for service will get a nice USF or Universal Access fee so that welfare recipients can be given free broadband internet service.  Oh, it’s not a tax, the libs are good at raising taxes without having to say they did.  The USF fees for internet service are charged by the companies and paid into the fund which is managed, not by an agency, but by the Universal Service Administrative Company.  This is the same ploy that is used to provide free cell  phone service to welfarians.  So, look forward to your ISP bill going-up, but take heart in knowing that those poor welfare recipients will be able to surf the web (probably at speeds faster than you) when they can’t go clubbing because they spent all the cash they got from selling their food stamps!

>US Government Debt Ceiling, the Deficit, and Social Security

>Here’s something I keep hearing, “We need to raise the Government’s Debt-Limit so that we can get to work on reducing the Deficit.”  How exactly does that work?  I’d really like to know because I think it’d be grand to get the credit limit raised on all of  my credit cards so that I can spend more in order to bring down my overall debt.  Apparently they think we are stupid enough to swallow that garbage.  We don’t need higher debt-limits or new taxes; what we need is for everyone to pay their fare share and reduced spending on special interests.  It is ridiculous that General Electric has earned Billions of dollars in profit for the past two years but has paid no taxes and people who earn ten times what I do, pay less in taxes.  With only 51% of US households paying taxes and the top 7 profiting US companies paying none, the answer is NOT to tax us more; it is to get rid of the loopholes.  But, I digress; back to reducing spending.  I think the National Endowment for the Arts is a place to start; if you aren’t capable of producing art that someone wants to buy, then you should find a new job.  Why do my tax dollars go for supporting people making paintings with bodily fluids and sculptures that everyone finds to be in poor taste?  If you choose to be an artist and fail at it, the American People should not be giving you what amounts to welfare.  Hey, I want to be a lottery winner, but I’m not succeeding; maybe there should be a National Endowment to support me.  Another place that I think some money could be saved is in foreign aid.  We are giving Pakistan $2 Billion this year; the same Pakistan that has gotten pissy since we killed Osama bin Laden and who likely harbored him in their borders for the last decade.  Really?  Tom Coburn (R-OK) compiled a list of 100 wasteful government programs and projects, that’d be another few places to save some cash; some examples are:  a $700000 grant to study cow farts as a source of methane emissions, $23 million per year to print the Congressional Record that no one reads in print, and a $2.5 million Census Bureau advertisement during the Super Bowl.

This whole business of threatening to withhold Social Security payments if the Debt-Ceiling isn’t raised smacks of thuggery to me.  Seriously, SS isn’t even budget-funded; it is simply a threat of “do what I want or I will hurt people and it’ll all be YOUR fault.”  Furthermore, the Congress needs to keep their hands out of the SS Fund.  They have “borrowed” nearly $2 Trillion from it since 1993.  This is akin to people borrowing from their retirement fund to buy a car.  It takes years to pay back the loan and after it’s paid they are only back to where they were when they took the loan.  Imagine what SS would be if they had left that $2 trillion in there to grow naturally.The simple fact is that our Government has a problem with seeing any money in the Peoples’ pockets without developing a strong urge to take some of it. 

>Illegal Immigration, Tearing the Fabric of America

>It is often said that illegal immigrants in the United States are just hard-working people trying to find a better life; and that they do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do.  But, when you look at the facts, illegal immigration is costing Americans far more than what the country and society get in return. 

Many illegals do indeed perform jobs that most Americans don’t want, but many are also taking jobs that Americans would be happy to do.  A large number of the Illegals that work in industries with heavy reliance on sub-contracting work under the table; that is, they pay no payroll taxes.  This is where businesses see the advantage in hiring undocumented workers; they are able to pay them less than prevailing wage, have no worries about unions, do not have to pay health and retirement benefits, etc.  But the true cost of these savings are millions of Illegals collecting at least one form of Government welfare (they have no documented income afterall), medical care provided through emergency room visits (raising the costs for everyone else), children in families that pay no taxes being educated and fed in our schools, and the fact that these people do use other government services for which they have not paid taxes (police, fire, roads, parks, etc).  Additionally, with no safety nets for most of them a lost job or injury that keeps them from working gives them practically no option for support other than turning to criminal activities. 
Statistics say that at least a million and a half Illegals actually receive benefits such as housing subsidies, WIC, free school lunches, and even TANF, SSI, and food stamps.  Many of them get these despite the fact that there are actually workers in the family; but because their work is undocumented, they qualify.  A recent study, widely endorsed by the media and others, estimated that the average American household pays $1117 dollars per year in taxes that are spent on illegal immigrants.  When you consider that only just more than half of American households pay any income tax at all, that must mean that closer to $2000 of the taxes that you personally paid last year was spent on Illegals.  I don’t know about you, but I could definitely find a better use for $2000 extra in my budget.
The trend recently found through anti-gang efforts throughout the country has been that an increasing percentage of the gang members apprehended have been illegal immigrants.  The numbers, based on arrest statistics, are generally approaching 40% on average throughout the country.  Many of these gangs are not  only involved in the importation and distribution of illicit drugs, but increasingly they are being arrested for crimes like car-jacking, kidnapping, muggings, assault, and organized prostitution.
The millions of Illegals that enter our country yearly are mainly coming from countries with poor healthcare standards and generally no programs for inoculating their public for killer diseases.  Diseases never before seen in US outbreaks have been seen in outbreaks across the country recently.  American children have contracted diseases, such as Tuberculosis, in school from improperly screened illegal immigrant children.  Many Illegals work in three industries involved with the US food supply; picking crops, meat processing, and restaurant kitchen workers.  Those picking crops often work without facilities for using the bathroom and washing hands; think about that next time you don’t thoroughly clean your lettuce or tomatoes.  Personal hygiene standards are often very much lacking in their counties of origin and they bring their habits here.  My neighbors had their roof redone a few years ago.  The crew who did the work had not one person able to speak English, they all spoke Spanish.  I witnessed throughout the two days men hiding behind my shrubs to urinate.  One guy, I’m pretty sure, was going to do worse until I coughed loud enough that he knew I was there.  Illegals working in restaurant kitchens  mostly can not read that sign that says, “Wash your hands after using the bathroom”.  So, do they; in many of their countries people still commonly urinate in public and do not wash their hands afterward.  In some countries outdoor or even public defecation is still not uncommon.  So, the influx of people with poor hygiene and poor medical care throughout their lives is a health hazard to us all.  Let us hope that the World Health Organization’s declaration that smallpox has been eradicated is true; we in the US mostly stopped inoculating our children for smallpox more than a decade ago.  Without a doubt though, we will continue to see disease outbreaks, most commonly TB, that are the direct result of illegal immigration.
Honestly, I would rather pay more for lettuce, restaurant food, a new roof, and lawn service than continue to foot the bills for practically uncontrolled illegal immigration into our country.



The freedoms that all Americans enjoy, and often take for granted, have all been won and preserved by those who were willing to put their lives at risk and wear the uniform of the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps.  Countless families throughout our history and many today are torn asunder as loved ones have left for foreign soil to combat tyrants or otherwise protect American interests.  Many families have forever lost their loved ones, who paid the ultimate price for freedom by being killed or lost in war. 
These are the foremost Givers to our society, and nothing that we have today would exist without their sacrifices.  My two favorite quotes regarding this subject follow, I hope you enjoy them.

“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing …which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” –John Stewart Mill

“It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the organizer, Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier, Who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag, And whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protestor to burn the flag.” – Father Dennis Edward O’Brian, USMC

>Idle Hands Do the Devil’s Work


Generally speaking, aside from their ethical values, hard-working people are too tired at the end of the work day to commit robberies, muggings, or many other crimes; it is the idle population that is responsible for most property crimes.  By continuing to pay handouts to people who do not work, we are setting-up society for continued rises in crime.  Studies conducted on crime rates correlation to unemployment show that as fewer people have jobs, more people become the victims of theft. 
The feeling of entitlement that is being fostered amongst the welfare segment of the American citizenry is certainly not helping matters.  We pay to house them, feed them, educate them, send their kids to summer camp, we buy them cars and cell phones, and much more.  I think that because they are given more than the basic necessities, they develop a warped sense that they are entitled to have what others work to obtain.  Look at the rash of mob robberies occurring in Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago.  Go check-out the videos and you will see for yourself a few simple facts; no one committing the crimes appears to be starving or even underfed, the items being stolen are not basic necessities, and they are generally well dressed.  The lists of mob-robbery stolen items that I have read to date include designer denim clothing, cell phones, touch pad computers, beer, beef jerky, potato chips, ice cream, candy, and jewelery; desperately hungry people would have taken more basic foods, this is clearly people taking things that they feel they should have but aren’t willing to work toward affording.  And, truthfully, most of the time it seems that “munchies” are the main targets; leading me to believe that these are often people supplying themselves for a night of partying.
I used to have to drive past a section 8 housing development (the projects) to get to work.  At 07:30 the parking lots were full and there was not a person to be seen.  Whenever I had need to go home for lunch for lunch there’d be a couple of people seen, checking mail, and stuff like that.  When I passed by at 16:45 the place would be hopping; literally hundreds of people sitting on their park benches in the shade, drinking beer, and smoking (mostly cigarettes, but it was easy to see many people passing marijuana).  On the occaisions that I had to work late and didn’t pass by until after 18:00 the party would always be in full swing; loud music, dancing, people wrestling and chasing each other, cars choking the roadway while they stopped (to converse or often trade money for little packets and baggies).  I can only imagine what happened as the evening grew later and the beer or munchies ran out.  So, here was a whole development of people who slept past noon daily which makes me think they did not work, but they always had beer cigarettes, pot, and nice audio equipment.  Furthermore, at least half of the cars in the parking lots were newer and in much better shape than the old pick-up I was driving.  When the curtains or doors were open I often spotted bigscreen TVs (can’t miss a 60″ flat panel when you are waiting for the  drug transaction in front of you to finish so you can get home).  So, the question is, how do people in government subsidized housing afford beer, cigarettes, bigscreen TVs, $1400 wheels and obviously expensive sound systems for their cars, and drugs?  It had to be criminal activity; they were either selling food stamps or drugs or committing theft to get these luxury items.
A person working two minimum wage jobs to support their family is generally not partying and committing crime when not at work.  Probably they are trying to get some needed sleep after a quick meal and mowing the lawn.  This is why I have always felt that welfare benefits should only be provided to the working poor.  Give that Mom and Dad each working two or more jobs food stamps, housing assistance, and educational grants.  Those people would then be able to maybe just work one job each and spend some time with thier families or go to school to learn new skills.  The jobs they vacated would be perfect for all the formerly non-working welfare recipients to move into to qualify to continue receiving benefits.  I would rather pay for day care for their children while they worked, than give them the free handouts they get now.  If my gut feeling that these are the people committing a majority of the crimes is right, we should also see a nice drop in crime rates because they’ll all be too tired to spend the energy to form-up the posse to go mugging people or breaking into cars and homes.